Accounting Services

  • Help determine the best accounting system for your practice.
  • Acquire all necessary tax ID numbers when starting a practice.
  • Accounting system setup, implementation, and support
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Prepare monthly/quarterly/annual financial statements.
  • Prepare Property Tax Returns.
  • Prepare 1099-MISC/1096 returns.
  • Handle accounts payable.


Our bookkeeping services work as follows – each month or quarter we gather the necessary information from your office. This would include bank statements, credit card statements, QuickBooks data (or other data showing your income/expense activity), payroll information, and reports from your practice billing software. Our expert staff will reconcile all your bank accounts, reconcile bank deposits with the amounts recorded as payments in your billing software, classify expenses properly, and make any other necessary adjustments. Then a set of timely, correct financial statements will be provided to you, including:


  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement (including Comparative Income Statements)
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • General Ledger
  • Transaction Journal
  • Payroll Earnings Summary
  • 1099-MISC Journal

Tax and Financial Planning

We prepare individual, business (partnership, corporation, LLCs/LLPs), and fiduciary returns. From simple to complex returns, our goal is to provide expert tax advice and timely return preparation so that our clients are satisfied and confident in our service.

Our experienced tax preparers stay up to date with the constantly changing tax laws so that we can help you minimize your tax liabilities. We monitor your practice financial statements throughout the year to ensure your tax withholdings and/or tax payments are properly on pace for the year. We know that every situation is different so we are available to meet with you throughout the year to assess the tax implications of any changes that occur. We typically consult with the practice owner near the end of each year to determine how that year’s activity will affect the business tax return of the practice and the individual tax return of the owner. We advise our clients on various strategies to reduce their tax liabilities and build their wealth.


Consulting Services

Running a healthcare practice is a complicated business that requires decisions in the areas of administration, management, tax, financial, billing, retirement, and personnel. These subjects were not taught as part of your dental or medical school curriculum. Our expertise can help you make these decisions in the way that best fits your situation.

Serving your practice in these various areas is our goal and we consult on many different matters. These include:


  • Starting a practice and entity choice
  • Adding an associate to a practice
  • Practice sales
  • Practice valuations
  • Recommend and review employment agreements, buy/sell agreements and partnership agreements.
  • Develop appropriate compensation formulas for both owners and staff.
  • Review your current financial statements and compare with industry benchmarks.
  • Develop and implement a retirement plan strategy.

Payroll Services

  • Prepare payroll checks or work with your bank to direct deposit your payroll.
  • Handle payrolls for multiple cities and states if your practice has multiple locations.
  • Make all necessary tax payments (941, 940, state, city).
  • Handle retirement withholdings and payments such as SIMPLE IRA, 401(k).
  • Handle other miscellaneous deductions (insurance, garnishments, etc.).
  • Prepare all required payroll return forms (941, 940, state unemployment, state withholding, city withholding, year end reconciliations).
  • Prepare W-2/W-3 forms at the end of the year.